Midsummer is approaching, which means time for barbecues. Marmors Group is offering foldable portable grill with a projected service life - 3 seasons.

With our foldable grill you will be convenient and comfortable to travel with friends and family to nature side in order to have a good time and a barbecue. Grill does not take up much space in your trunk or even in a backpack.

It is very easy to assemble & disassemble, is rather light, but its service life is quite long lasting, because we have used metal witch is more than 2 mm thick.

On special request we can make foldable and stationery grills out of thinner or thicker metal, depending on the objectives pursued by the customer.

At the moment, you can order already made barbecues grills with the different level of included accessories.

Portable grill "PRAKTIK" for 39.99 euro includes the grill itself and fire iron.

Portable grill "PRAKTIK LUX" for 49.99 euros contains not only the grill, but also the following accessories:

- Fire iron;

- Bag-cover;

- Brush for cleaning;



  • Metal: black cold-rolled steel;
  • Thickness: 2 mm;
  • Weight: 7.53 kg;
  • Length - 45 cm, width - 40 cm, thickness in the folded form - 5 cm.

Skewers are not included un the package, their are used in images for illustration purposes only.


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