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“The history of the Marmors Group dates back to June 15, 1991, when the company“ Marmors ”was founded, which for the first years was operating in a completely different field - laying marble floors. This is the name of the company, but as the market situation changed and demand in this market segment decreased, the owners made a bold and timely decision to change their business profile. At that time, metalworking seemed to be the most promising direction. As we see it today, it turned out to be a very forward-looking decision, ”says Jānis Šelegovskis, Export Manager at Marmors Group.


For the first ten years the company was operating in Riga, (neighbourhood Bolderaja), but with the change of business area, the volume of activity of "Marmors" started to grow rapidly, which necessitated the need for larger premises. After careful research and evaluation of various objects the choice was in favor of village Stūnīši. “We moved into these premises in 2002. We are very pleased with the location of this place - we are near the Riga bypass, which is important for our business, because we transport both raw materials and finished products to our customers by truck. An obvious advantage is also the relatively close proximity to the airport, so customers - both existing and new - can get to us easily and quickly, ”says Jānis Šelegovskis, adding that as the business volume of the Marmors Group increases, the existing premises are already becoming too narrow.

Currently, the Marmors Group consists of two separate companies, because in 2009, expanding its business in the field of metal working, another company - SIA Ludmilla - was established in the already existing premises of Olaine district. As a result, the business is implemented in two large blocks.

Marmors Ltd specializes in the retail and wholesale of metal castings - square steel tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, hot and cold rolled sheets, strips, beams and profiles, angle, round iron, black and galvanized metal grid. At the same time specialists of the company perform cutting of materials as well as sheet processing services with plasma cutting equipment. The company is also ready to supply the customer with hot and cold rolled sheets as well as fittings, large wall thicknesses and sheet piles.

"Ludmilla" Ltd. is a manufacturing company, which manufactures metal constructions of various complexity levels - from standard and individually designed projects according to drawings made by the customer or company constructors. One of Ludmilla's areas of work is the production of steel piles - screw piles used mainly for foundations of timber frame buildings and steel driven piles used in infrastructure facilities. The company also manufactures mechanical engineering parts from both steel and stainless steel - various tanks, chassis and other metal structures. The company also assembles some of its export products with electronics, pneumatics and motors and supplies its customers with complete sets of machinery.

Jānis Šelegovskis admits that “Marmors Group” is also facing increasing problem of labor shortage in Latvian business environment.

“At present, the group employs a total of 33 people, both in manufacturing, sales and administration. Five employees are residents of Olaine county, the rest come from other municipalities. Although we are able to fulfill all customer orders, we still feel a shortage of employees. The production capacity allows us to take on more orders, thus providing two more three new employees. But, admittedly, we are selective in recruiting, so we only recruit one in five of those who apply for vacancies, "says a company representative, adding that at the same time, potential employees do not need any special qualifications to work "Marmors Group".

“No special skills, no special education is needed, the most important thing is the willingness to work, the necessary skills will be acquired locally. We pay good wages, we provide all social guarantees, including health insurance, but in return we demand quality and efficiency, ”emphasizes Jānis Šelegovskis. He points out that this is why the company also has relatively low staff turnover.

The representative of the company approvingly welcomes the cooperation with the Olaine Municipality, especially regarding the search for the necessary workforce, which is the most urgent area of ​​cooperation. However, he points out that in the near future the management of the company will gladly take the opportunity to extend the day-to-day co-operation with the municipality to solve other issues that are of general importance to business.

Speaking about the future development plans of SIA “Marmors Group”, Jānis Šelegovskis emphasizes that the company has great potential for growth, considering that its activity is still relatively average.

“We will continue to develop both companies of the Group intensively, expanding our product range, as well as our customer base and geography of our sales markets. Last year, the group had a total turnover of EUR 4.6 million, and the contribution of pile and metal construction production has doubled in 2017. This year we have a fairly objective ambition to double production again. Absolute figures are not yet high enough to do so, and it is expected that we will double again in the coming year. If we are able to solve the need for manpower and find new premises for business expansion, we will find orders - this is the least problem, ”says Jānis Šelegovskis.

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