There are situations on construction sites, when load bearing constructions need to be made more lightweight. This can be achieved by optimizing the factory produced steel beams. Castellated beams refer to the type of beams which involve expanding a standard rolled steel section in such a way that a predetermined pattern is cut on section webs and the rolled section is cut into two halves. The two halves are joined together by welding and the high points of the web pattern are connected together to form a castellated beam.

Our company has studied and made calculations for the production of 4 options:

Castellated beams

Metal consumption in castellated beam is for 20-30% less than in a regular rolled beam, which means reducing the cost for 10-18%. Additional labor and cutting/welding costs are rather low.

Castellated beams in construction are used as columns and pillars, ceiling elements and farms, space systems. Castellated beams offer advantages like flexibility, reduced weight, space and aesthetics, while lowering costs.

Castellated beam with sinusoidal beams.

cellular beam

We are ready to consider separately each Project and

offer a solution how to make Your load bearing constructions lightweight.





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